Please, someone help me out (configurations)

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Please, someone help me out (configurations)

Bericht door waithx12 » 14 jul 2014, 03:31

Ive tried it all but I cannot help myself! I would want to disable minimum mandatory post before any user can upload anything on my forum! Ive searched for any option where I could disable this anti-spam function, but I really couldn't find it! Anybody can help me out?

Ive probeerde het allemaal, maar ik kan mezelf niet helpen! Ik zou willen minimum verplichte bericht uitschakelen voordat een gebruiker iets kan uploaden op mijn forum! Ive zocht naar een optie waar ik dit anti-spam functie kunnen uitschakelen, maar ik kon echt niet vinden! Iedereen kan me helpen?

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Bericht door Helpdesk » 14 jul 2014, 12:12

You could create a private group, with excess after a minimum amount of postings.

It's possible to set permissions individual, but it's not recommended with larger forums, because you have to select many permissions for every new member. Which could easily run into hundreds of options.

However, you have to allow that advanced member to a private group by yourself or a group moderator.
With permissions you could allow or deny access to topics, like reading posting, edit, etc.
There are fora, private and group permissions.
Private permissions overrule group policy.
The topics you wish to protect should be set to private (privé)
That is tot say in the fora permissions.
If you select options you could allow reading by members or everyone.
In the group you could select what you wish.
Only those who have access to that group can benefit the higher permissions.
General rules (fora) preselect also the individual and group settings.
You can't allow for instance edit, if the general setting forbid this.
The option won't even be displayed if blocked in the fora permissions. ... html#18820 ... t3549.html

The best way is to confirm the new account by the admin.
Only members are allowed to post (standard setting) unless you decide otherwise.

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