Problem with Postimage

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Problem with Postimage

Bericht door Sonny » 06 dec 2015, 21:31

Sorry for the english text, but...does anyone know what's the problem with Postimage in the last few days?
All pics hosted there have been deleted or maybe they are unavailable for the time being.
Anyone knows if thats permanent or temporary?
Postimage is the suggested hosting site for uploading pics of all forum2go boards, so i guessed putting my question here on helpdesk would be a good idea.

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Bericht door Helpdesk » 07 dec 2015, 09:41

Try it a little later.
Photo-servers sometimes clean up or resort or have a temporal crash.
It's no guarantee that your images will be saved outside a personal album.
Post image has been hacked in the past. (naughty pictures)
Others like Tinypic or Photobucket drop out sometimes during overload or backing up. Specially during festivities like Christmas or New Year.

As you will see, this image is OK and stored with our standard routine.
Our standard routine is set to "family safe" content.


Beware to use the proper links on forums or it won't work.

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